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Phase III & Remediation Services

Phase III Environmental Site Assessments, also known as Remediation Investigations/Feasibility Studies, is an investigation involving the remediation of a site and are completed when contamination is found in the Phase II. The purpose of the Phase III is to delineate the physical extent of contamination based on the findings and recommendations made in the Phase II report.



Remediation Services, the fourth and final phase of environmental recovery, typically include two types of activities: preparing a remedial/corrective action plan (RAP/CAP) and site remediation of the identified contaminates by implementing the plan. The RAP/CAP identifies the most feasible and cost effective remediation option by evaluating the relevant exposure pathways to determine whether they are “complete” and pose an unacceptable risk to the environment or human health and proposes a risked based corrective action derived from the conceptual site model of known site conditions. Once RAP/CAP has been completed, a system can be designed that can range from active remediation/ mitigation systems to implementing site use and/or resource use restrictions on the property or off-site.


EAS prides ourselves with providing individualized response plans for our clients that identify the most cost effective treatment option(s).

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