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Environmental & Asbestos Services Inc. was established by Mr. Richard Brege in 2010. He has provided environmental consulting services to Northern Michigan for over the past 20 years with further experience in the Greater Michigan area.


Our team provides full service environmental consulting and services throughout Michigan. Our goal is to provide our clients with individualized quality and affordable environmental services in assisting them when addressing complex regulatory and technical issues.

We specialize in providing Real Estate Transaction Due Diligence including Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments, Baseline Environmental Assessments and Due Care Plans. Our staff is experienced in managing Leaking Underground Storage Tank Investigations, Hydrogeologic Investigations, obtaining Site Closures and No Further Action Status as well as addressing other Compliance Issues and Hazardous Waste Management needs.

Environmental & Asbestos Services, Inc also offers asbestos building inspections for schools, commercial, and industrial buildings by an accredited inspector; and provides asbestos consulting services regarding federal and state regulations for notification requirements prior to demolition and renovation activities.  We provide 2-hour asbestos awareness training for employees whose work activities may encounter asbestos containing material and can tailor an asbestos program for your specific needs.


Qualifications of Environmental Professionals

Mr. Richard Brege has over twenty-eight years of experience in environmental assessments including property assessments, soil and groundwater investigations, soil abatement and disposal, field documentation, site compliance, risk based corrective action, and soil and groundwater remediation.  His experience includes consulting on environmental issues in property transactions and conducting Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Investigations, and Baseline Environmental Assessments.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology and Earth Science from Central Michigan University and is a registered Professional Geologist in the State of Wisconsin.

Mr. Raymond Brege has 10 years of experience related to environmental consulting, including conducting Phase I through III site investigations, environmental due diligence, assisting in investigation and remediation of underground storage tanks (UST) releases and UST removal. He has a broad knowledge of regulatory requirements, sampling techniques, project planning, applying Risk Based Corrective Action and technical reporting. He also has experience in asbestos building and bridge surveys and lead based paint surveys and holds an Asbestos Building Inspectors (BI) License through the State of Michigan.  

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